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Car Wash Systems

Everswitch piezo switches are trusted by leading car wash makers to deliver world-class user experiences

Emergency Call Boxes

Everswitch self-diagnostic switches offer high user reliability, while also lowering servicing costs

Food Processing Machines

Fully encapsulated piezo switches offer an ultra-hygienic solution for food processing

Premium Kitchen Appliances

Reinventing the luxury microwave oven category with control panels that embody style and practicality

Underwater Diving Equipment

Everswitch prolonged multi-function piezo switches are a game-changer for underwater photographers

Prison Facility Monitoring

Everswitch’s ultra-ruggedized switches provide added security for prison facility staff and inmates

Gas & Fuel Dispensers

Zero maintenance, explosion-proof fuel dispenser keypads that keep the gas flowing safely in all conditions

Pedestrian Crosswalk Boxes

PedSafety trusts Everswitch’s vandal-proof piezo switches in its «4 EVR» stainless steel pedestrian crosswalk buttons