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For products that live outdoors, weather and vandalism are public enemy number one. Ice, sleet, rain, fog, heat and, of course, deliberate acts of vandalism can damage delicate electronics or cause controls to jam or malfunction. Thankfully, Everswitch solid-state piezo touch metal switches and keypads will continue functioning perfectly at the moment of truth – no matter the environmental conditions. Ensuring reliable user experience and minimizing maintenance and replacement costs – come rain or crime.

Here's why our products deliver on their promise
Seriously Weatherproof
Unique encapsulation technology makes switches impervious to rain, sleet, humidity and flooding.
Market-leading vandal resistance
Tested to resist aggressive impacts from cigarettes, knives and baseball bats.
Fully operational from -40ºC to +80ºC.
Impact resistance
No moving parts eliminates switch failure due to vandalism, friction or bad weather.
Meets/exceeds Industry standards
CE, UL, IP69K, NEMA, MIL-STD, ATEX, ETL and FAA requirements.
Low Maintenance
Our switches tend to outlive the products in which they are housed.

Whatever your needs, there’s an Everswitch solution

Customization & Personalization
Programmable & Self-Diagnostic
Health & Hygiene
Waterproof & Submersible
Reliability & Durability
Connectivity & IoT

See how it works in the real world

Enabling reliable self-service car wash experiences, with waterproof switches
Reducing on-site maintenance costs with self-diagnostic switches
Supporting safe & hygienic food preparation with easy-to-sterilize switches
Reinventing luxury control panels with a perfect balance of form & function
Unleashing divers’ creativity with multi-function, one-button control
Improving staff and inmate security with ultra-rugged switches and keypads
Keeping the gas flowing safely with explosion-proof keypads
Ensuring safe passage with vandal-proof buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test

Switches made to survive
the world’s harshest user environments

Weatherproof & Anti-Vandal solutions for your market

White Appliances
Self Service Terminals
Pool & Spa
Food Processing & Restaurants
Public Health
Medical & Clean Rooms
Public Transport
Marine & Luxury Yachts
Oil & Gas

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