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Today’s upscale kitchen appliances market is white hot, with iconic luxury brands competing with mass-premium manufacturers for attention. Everswitch special piezoelectric modules with built-in software management allow designers to create control interfaces behind any fascia material, be it stainless steel or glass, replete with almost unlimited functionality. Fusing function and form, deluxe kitchen appliance brands can now surpass their competitors in terms of value, design and user appeal. 

Why are Everswitch piezo touch control panels ideal for luxury white appliances?
Diverse Fascia Materials
Everswitch piezo technology enables flat fascia housings of stainless steel, glass, fabric, leather, aluminum.
Extensive Functionality
From energy-saving to sleep / watchdog mode, software-driven control panels enhance function far and beyond requirements and standards, allowing for ancillary functions and connectivity.
Effortless Maintenance
Touch control technology makes the control panel impervious to condensation, grease, food residues - improving hygiene and enabling easy cleaning.
Peerless reliability
Switches are stress tested to provide reliable function to 50 million cycles, so controls will outlive the appliance.
Complete customizability
Panels can be precisely tailored to your exact product specifications, dimensions and communication protocols.
End-to-end support
Everswitch provides end-to-end engineering support from guidance on the design of the production line to QC procedures and integration of our control panel in the appliance.

Real-Life applications

Commercial ware washing equipment
Quick serve restaurant equipment
Espresso machines
Kitchen hoods

Reinvent luxury kitchen appliances with multi-function flat control panels embodying form and function

See how Everswitch helps brands sharpen their edge

Enabling reliable self-service car wash experiences, with waterproof switches
Reducing on-site maintenance costs with self-diagnostic switches
Supporting safe & hygienic food preparation with easy-to-sterilize switches
Reinventing luxury control panels with a perfect balance of form & function
Unleashing divers’ creativity with multi-function, one-button control
Improving staff and inmate security with ultra-rugged switches and keypads
Keeping the gas flowing safely with explosion-proof keypads
Ensuring safe passage with vandal-proof buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test

The freedom to deliver luxury consumer experiences fusing style, practicality and function

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