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Self-service terminals, located outdoors or in remote unattended areas, are relied upon by users to function reliably in all weather conditions and at all times. From outdoor vending through to bike share systems and fuel dispensers, it’s easy to understand why Everswitch touch metal piezo switches and keypads are the preferred choice for self-service terminals. Certified vandal and explosion-proof, they provide maximum safety and durability in inhospitable urban, industrial or military environments. They can also be operated with or without gloves, in wet or dry conditions, offering a user-friendly human interface second to none.

Why are Everswitch touch metal piezo control solutions ideal for self-service terminals?
Weather and dirt proof
Unique encapsulation technology makes switches impervious to rain, sleet, dust, oil, humidity and grime.
Market-leading vandal resistance
Solid state piezo technology resists aggressive impacts from kicks, knives and baseball bats.
Low-cost Maintenance
Self-diagnostic technology allows remote checks - saving time and money.
Extreme reliability
Stress tested to provide reliable function to 50 million cycles.
Glove friendly, User Friendly
Can be operated with neoprene or protective gloves if needed.
Panels can be tailored to your exact product specifications and dimensions.
Public health
Touch-free IR switches minimize risk of surface-to-person virus transmission.
Explosion proof
Piezo switches and keypads are explosion proof certified.

Real-Life applications

Public WiFi Kiosks
Bike Share Systems
Parking Meters and Pay by Space Stations
Emergency Call Systems
Correctional Facilities Phone Kiosks
Port Access Control Kiosks

Industry-leading vandal resistance protects self-service terminals from any type of abuse

See how Everswitch tackles real world challenges

Enabling reliable self-service car wash experiences, with waterproof switches
Reducing on-site maintenance costs with self-diagnostic switches
Supporting safe & hygienic food preparation with easy-to-sterilize switches
Reinventing luxury control panels with a perfect balance of form & function
Unleashing divers’ creativity with multi-function, one-button control
Improving staff and inmate security with ultra-rugged switches and keypads
Keeping the gas flowing safely with explosion-proof keypads
Ensuring safe passage with vandal-proof buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test

Our solutions reduce maintenance costs of self-service terminals by enabling remote diagnostics

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