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Equipment manufacturers serving oil and gas refineries and storage facilities must meet the industry’s exacting standards for security, safety and reliability. In addition, field workers depend on switches to perform reliably no matter what weather is brewing and to be able to operate controls wearing heavy-duty neoprene gloves.
Built to withstand unintended activation by thermal shock, sabotage or explosions, Everswitch ultra-ruggedized touch metal piezo switch and control solutions meet and exceed CE, ATEX, UL, IP68 standards, and are ideally suited to provide steadfast operation during years of intensive usage.

Why Everswitch is a superior option for oil, gas and chemical industry controls
Explosion Proof
Certified Keypad/Readers for Class1/Div1 ExProof environments and touch metal piezo control solutions shield against unintended activation by thermal shock, sabotage or explosions.
Avoid downtime & maintenance
Solid-state touch metal piezo switches and keypads eliminate key failure and unscheduled maintenance due to motion, friction, intensive use, dirt, moisture or vibrations. Ideal for remote and unattended installations.
Fully programmable & customizable
Switches, keypads and control panels are fully customizable and offer a wide range of programmable functionality - serving a variety of equipment needs.
Peerless reliability
Switches are stress-tested to provide highly reliable function to 50 million cycles, meaning controls often outlive the equipment in which they are installed.
“Almost everything” proof
Stands up to harsh weather, temperature extremes (-40ºC to +75ºC), chemicals, tampering and vandalism - to ensure uninterrupted operation, no matter what.
Operator friendly
Switches and keypads can be activated by field workers wearing protective neoprene gloves - improving convenience and safety on the job.

Real-life applications

Oil & gas production
Gas stations
Chemical processing
Remote location fleet refueling
Access control keypads at well heads and refineries, metering keypads at refineries and tanker trucks
Airport refueling equipment, valve controls
Off-shore production rigs, Class1 Division1 enclosures

Built to meet the exacting safety, security and quality standards of the petro-chemical industry

See how Everswitch excels in the world’s toughest environments

Enabling reliable self-service car wash experiences, with waterproof switches
Reducing on-site maintenance costs with self-diagnostic switches
Supporting safe & hygienic food preparation with easy-to-sterilize switches
Reinventing luxury control panels with a perfect balance of form & function
Unleashing divers’ creativity with multi-function, one-button control
Improving staff and inmate security with ultra-rugged switches and keypads
Keeping the gas flowing safely with explosion-proof keypads
Ensuring safe passage with vandal-proof buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test

No matter how extreme the usage conditions, Everswitch ultra-durable switches have your back

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