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For the world’s leading luxury yacht builders and marine craft manufacturers, the bar for nautical quality, sophistication and performance is constantly rising. With Everswitch, shipbuilders can be assured of an extensive range of onboard switches and controls that live up to their elite standards for state-of-the-art functionality, alluring design, safety and reliability at sea.

Reliability, performance and style at sea
Seriously sea-proof
Touch metal piezo switches withstand harsh ocean conditions and are impervious to salt accumulation, water penetration and corrosion.
Inspirational Aesthetics
Elegant, fully customizable piezo switches and controls add style and refinement to any interior. Choose anodization colors, materials and illumination.
Virtually zero maintenance
Solid-state switches and controls are rated for 50 million activations, so you can install and forget.
Effective Underwater
Fully submersible piezo switches are unaffected by pressure changes.
Seamless installation & integration
CAN bus protocols provide simple installation in a ship’s CANbus cable network; switches can be easily integrated into legacy systems.
Enhanced user experiences
Fully programmable controls offer a wide range of functionality - from haptic feedback to energy-saving modes.

Real-world applications

Helm control panels
Blowers and pumps
Sanitary: lavatory and galley
Winches and anchors
Indoor and outdoor lighting
Swim platforms
Engine controls
Access keypads and door controls
Man Over Board wearable alarm
Oceanographic instrumentation
Fish weighing equipment
Dive gear and computers
UAVs, submarines: internal and external

Uber chic and uber durable control interfaces for today’s premium marine craft

See how Everswitch handles real-world challenges

Enabling reliable self-service car wash experiences, with waterproof switches
Reducing on-site maintenance costs with self-diagnostic switches
Supporting safe & hygienic food preparation with easy-to-sterilize switches
Reinventing luxury control panels with a perfect balance of form & function
Unleashing divers’ creativity with multi-function, one-button control
Improving staff and inmate security with ultra-rugged switches and keypads
Keeping the gas flowing safely with explosion-proof keypads
Ensuring safe passage with vandal-proof buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test

Cruise towards marine craft superiority with Everswitch sea-proof piezo switches & controls

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