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For premium kitchen appliance makers chic aesthetics and thoughtful design lead to superior user experiences. From designing a unified fascia appearance to expanding the range of user functionality, piezoelectric switch solutions offer manufacturers a new level of flexibility than membrane controls and capacitive keypads.


In the highly competitive premium kitchen appliance market, user experience, appearance and design are important in creating differentiation among competing brands. While membrane controls and capacitive keypads are the industry standard, these options prevent manufacturers from designing a unified fascia appearance. Furthermore, controls’ role in white goods has expanded beyond interfacing between user and machine, and today’s requirements include additional functions, such as compliance with energy-saving directives, child safety and open-end technology to enable enhanced functions for future use.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch’s piezoelectric solution offered design teams the perfect balance of form and function. Thanks to Everswitch’s piezo technology, the product development team was able to fulfil its goal of producing a minimalist matching material flat control panel for its high-end microwave with multiple functionalities. Working closely with Everswitch’s engineering team, the microwave product designers customized unique functions that comply with energy-saving directives (sleep mode and watchdog functions) by integrating a two-way communication protocol that negotiates commands with the appliance.

Ongoing, Everswitch escorted the manufacturer with the design of the production line and QC procedures as well as the integration of the Everswitch control panel in the appliance.

Controls behind virtually any fascia material, from stainless steel and aluminum to glass and leather

Why it Works

  • Momentary dry contact one push piezo switch with illuminated ring
  • The capability of the Everswitch technology to fully function with housings of any fascia material - stainless steel, aluminum, glass, fabric, leather and color painted
  • Software-driven control panel enhances function far and beyond requirements and standards, allowing additional functions and connectivity
  • Unique look and metal touch sensitivity were highly accepted by users
  • Touch metal piezo technology makes the control panel impervious to condensation, grease, food residues - improving hygiene and enabling easy cleaning
  • Switches are tested to provide reliable function to 50 million cycles, so in many cases, our controls will outlive the appliance
  • Everswitch engineering and product team provides full support from design concept to integration on the production floor and set-up of QC procedures
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