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“Innovation through Exploration” is our guiding principle at UWLD and the folks at Everswitch were there to help us over the years with innovating all of our control switches on our lights, batteries and thermal controls.  Everswitch delivers the product reliability our customers need to capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot while submerged at 100 meters.

Also, given the fact we’re ordering just a few hundred switches per year – compared to thousands ordered by their typical clients – we still receive VIP customer service and know we can count on Everswitch with ongoing support and customization.”



UW Light Dudes, a North American specialist developer and manufacturer of underwater diving equipment, prides itself on its high performance and innovative primary and video lights used by professional cave and wreck divers who are filming underwater.

The company approached Everswitch looking for a switch solution capable of working reliably several meters under water, with good battery life, that would allow divers to control beam intensity with a single press of the button.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch non-illuminated piezo switches are fully submersible and resist accidental activation caused by increased water pressure during a gradual descent. For peace of mind, use of milled one-piece metal housings means there is no chance for flooding that could occur with a rubber-booted, mechanical switch mechanism. However, the game-changer for UW Light Dude was…

…the ability to offer customers the convenience of a simple, one button control – achieved by using the prolonged switch function to make one switch do the job of three. To complete the user experience, divers can operate the switch while wearing neoprene diving gloves – another special feature of Everswitch’s touch metal piezo switches.

Everswitch helps divers capture a once-in-a-lifetime shot 100 meters under water

Why it Works

  • Prolonged switch closure of up to 3 seconds: hold down for ON, tap & release to change power levels, and hold down for OFF
  • Double encapsulation makes the switch impervious to damage even if the instrument case has a leak or is flooded
  • Buttons can be activated with neoprene divers gloves or with a tool
  • Submersible to up to 300 meters, our piezoelectric technology is unaffected by pressure changes and designed to prevent false activations and deformation
  • Prolonged function switches exceed IP68 and IP69K requirements and operate smoothly from -40ºC to +80ºC
  • Ability to customize switch shape to optimize sealing within an instrument: Hex-head, short body, special thread patterns, brass washers/nuts, 316L STS or Aluminum with hard-coat anodization, O-rings, etc.
  • Everswitch engineering and product team provided full support from design concept through product certifications
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