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“The Everswitch team was very good at understanding our specific requirements and customizing a self-testing solution that integrated seamlessly with our systems. Their piezo switch is extremely rugged and you know the button mechanism is not going to jam in freezing temperatures that could present an issue for road users.

The end solution was a breakthrough for us – adding a new level of reliability to our users’ experience, while on the operational side streamlining our equipment checks and enabling us to significantly cut maintenance costs thanks to the remote diagnostic functionality.”


MT Maitrise Technologique, a French road and motorway traffic management systems company, designs, installs and maintains Emergency Call Boxes. Exposed to the elements 24/7/365, its emergency boxes are located in unattended areas stretching hundreds of kilometers of motorway. Drivers in distress need to know that when they press the emergency call button help will be on the way.

Therefore, it is critical its call buttons are working perfectly 100% of the time, even in harsh weather conditions and in the face of attempted vandalism. MT Maitrise Technologique turned to Everswitch because it was looking for a durable, weather-proof solution that would eliminate the need for costly maintenance from teams on the ground.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch set out to develop an innovative piezo switching solution with a self-testing capability. Working closely with the customer, Everswitch’s engineering team successfully designed a rugged, weatherproof and vandal-proof button with a programmable “self-diagnostic” module intelligence capable of integrating seamlessly with MT Maitrise Technologique’s communication protocols.

This enabled the customer to diagnose problems remotely, eliminating the need for scheduled maintenance visits by its technicians. Not only did this greatly lower operational expenditure, it meant people in distress were more likely to find an Emergency Call Box in optimal working order when they needed it most – which for motorway service providers and road users is priceless.

Everswitch designed a rugged, weatherproof and vandal-proof button with a programmable “self-diagnostic” module intelligence

Why it Works

  • Momentary dry contact one push piezo switch with customized ultra-bright LED dot
  • Patented encapsulation technology hermetically seals the electronics, making switches impervious to water and chemicals in the environment
  • Switches conform to IP68 and operate smoothly from -40ºC to +85ºC
  • Unique design with no moving parts eliminates switch failure due to intensive use, motion, friction, dirt, moisture, ice and vandalism
  • Rugged metal vandalism-proof housing
  • Everswitch provides full R&D and engineering support, from design concept to manufacturing, optimizing costs and TTM, and delivering fully customized solutions responsive to client's specific needs
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