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In the oil & gas industry, non-scheduled maintenance and downtime can cost millions of dollars in lost production revenues. It’s absolutely critical that all equipment will be working perfectly 100% of the time, with no failures. Everswitch’s piezo-based keypads have a reputation for being extremely rugged, reliable, weatherproof, and can be activated with workers wearing protective gloves – making them a top choice all round.

We sought a keypad we could tailor to our exact requirements and Everswitch gave us a complete customization module, together with expert engineering support at every stage, making the whole design and production experience very efficient and cost-effective for us.



Over the last 30 years, Equipetrol – a US-based manufacturing company – has built a reputation for delivering on the petroleum industry’s exacting standards for quality, security and safety. In order to avoid costly production downtime due to repair and maintenance, Equipetrol was looking for a keypad for its automated measurement products that could provide flawless, maintenance-free operation in the toughest petrol chemical environments, where high temperatures, dust and moisture are all part of the territory. Furthermore, field workers wearing heavy-duty neoprene gloves would need to be able to operate the keypad without removing their protective gloves.

Everswitch’s Solution

Working collaboratively with Equipetrol’s engineering and design team, Everswitch developed a fully customized solution for an anodized aluminum piezoelectric control keypad featuring 6 keys and a display window. The keypad’s housing was made from solid 12 mm milled steel, providing total impermeability both to bad weather and preventing harmful contaminants such as sulfides, hydrocarbon compounds, grease, dust and water from entering the housing and causing potential damage to the electric circuitry.

Along with its solid-state design, Equipetrol was keen to minimize maintenance costs and promote a solution with virtually zero wear and tear. From initial discussions on the design concept, through to manufacturing and QA, the Everswitch engineering team, provided full consulting and support, helping to optimize costs and accelerate time to market.

Everswitch’s piezoelectric explosion-proof keypads redefine the meaning of indestructible

Why it Works

  • The touch metal piezo keypad is completely sealed & impervious to the environment
  • Solid-state touch metal piezo keypad design has no moving parts, eliminating key failure due to motion, friction, intensive use, dirt, moisture or vibrations
  • The piezoelectric keypad can be easily activated by users wearing neoprene gloves
  • Keypad provides smooth and reliable operation from -40ºC to +75ºC
  • Meets and exceeds CE, ATEX, UL and IP68 standards
  • Everswitch provided full engineering support, from design concept to manufacturing, optimizing costs and TTM, and delivering a fully customized solution
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