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Beyond the reliability and innovation that we rely on Everswitch to provide, Everswitch has stood with PedSafety through thick and thin commercially. Whether it was functional or dimensional changes, pricing co-operation or understanding while PedSafety (formerly Campbell Co.) worked through re-organization, Everswitch has been one of our most trusted suppliers.

Phil Tate, President, PedSafety Company


“Push-to-Cross” buttons play a vital role in permitting children and the disabled to cross the road safely. Vandalized buttons at pedestrian crossings pose a real problem, increasing repair and replacement costs for municipalities and wreaking havoc with road traffic if they fail in “on” condition (a state that creates a constant call within the system).
In addition to being able to withstand extreme outdoor weather conditions, “Push-to-Cross” buttons must also pass the “baseball bat” test – to assure they will work reliably if exposed to malicious abuse by a rock, skateboard, baseball bat or boot.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch supplied a custom miniaturized piezo touch metal switch to nestle securely at the core of the 2-inch stainless steel activation cap of the PedSafety “4 EVR” crosswalk button. The switches are easy to activate by young people, seniors and disabled persons and impervious to rain, sleet, condensation and prolonged flooding. But here’s the killer blow as it were: The solid-state construction of the Everswitch piezo switches provides the highest level of vandal resistance in the market – resisting damage from knives, kicks or sporting equipment – virtually eliminating repair and replacement costs.

PedSafety has been instrumental in establishing the 2-inch pedestrian push button as a traffic industry standard, which has since become a US federal requirement defined in the Americans with Disabilities Act Access and Guidelines. Over 400,000 Everswitch piezo switches are installed in US pedestrian controls across all geographical areas and environments, and with less than 0.2% failure rate over 5 years, they contribute both to pedestrian safety in the community, and to the wise use of public budgets.

Everswitch switches are installed in thousands of US crosswalk  controls – supporting pedestrian safety with a 0.2% failure rate over 5 years

Why it Works

  • Momentary dry contact piezo switch with prolonged switch closure of up to 3 seconds is at the heart of the stainless steel switch mechanism
  • Unique encapsulation technology makes the switches impervious to rain, sleet, humidity, vibration, dirt, bug infestation and flooding
  • Switches exceed IP68 requirements and operate smoothly from -30ºC to +85ºC
  • Switches are stress tested to provide reliable function up to 50 million cycles. We have switches in equipment installed 25 years ago
  • Everswitch engineering and product team provided full support from design concept to integration on the production floor
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