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Unmanned fuel dispensers play a vital role in keeping industrial and agricultural vehicles running. Everswitch’s ultra-ruggedized, anti-flammable and vandal-proof touch metal piezo keypads ensure fuel can be safely and reliably dispensed by users come hail, rain or worse.


Most people get their gas at a filling station with a helpful attendant. But users of agriculture equipment, trucks, off-road vehicles and commercial fleets depend on getting their gas from unmanned fuel dispensers in remote locations. These fuel dispensers face exposure to extreme sunlight, dust, seawater, fuels and chemicals – and need to function reliably at all times. Everswitch was approached by the product team of a fuel dispenser manufacturer to develop a rugged keypad to control fuel dispensing, capable of safe usage in close proximity to flammable liquids, that would eliminate the need for on-site maintenance from teams on the ground.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch’s engineering team worked closely with our client’s engineering and product team both on the mechanical design and the software development. The result was a 20-key touch metal piezo keypad mechanically designed for NEMA approval, with non-removable printed legend, made of composite materials to withstand a wide range of chemicals and fuels. The keypad could be activated by users wearing gloves and was capable of delivering reliable performance in extreme conditions while offering protection against everything from vandalism attempts to fire caused by flammable liquids.

Touch metal piezo keypads built to resist chemicals, fuels and explosions

Why it Works

  • Momentary dry contact “one push” piezo switch with illuminated ring
  • Touch metal piezo keypad with no moving parts provides reliable long-term usage suitable for remote unmanned fuel dispensers
  • Touch metal piezo technology makes the keypad impervious to dust, moisture, dirt and flammable liquids
  • Solid milled steel housing is weatherproof and anti-vandal
  • Keypad is certified as explosion-proof
  • Suitable for operation by users wearing gloves
  • Self-diagnostic software provides operators with operation status in real time, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance or checks
  • Equipped with multiple connectivity: GSM, Satellite and WiFi
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