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ABM prides itself on addressing every aspect of our customers needs – from smooth operation in the workplace to easy cleaning, to peace of mind regarding meeting the highest standards in safety and food hygiene. Everswitch’s fully encapsulated piezo ring illuminated switches tick the box on every level – from reliability to aesthetics. We couldn’t ask for more in a switch.

ABM Company


Processing fish or meat is a messy business, generating large quantities of liquids and sediments that risk clogging up machines and obstructing smooth and safe operation by users, presenting a hygiene risk in the form of bacteria forming inside surface cracks. ABM is an Italian company that designs and manufactures quality food processing machines – patty formers, chop cutters, dicers, and meat mincers. The company’s product teams place great importance on listening to its customers’ changing needs and designing features that make using and maintaining its machines as safe, friendly and hygienic as possible.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch’s piezo switches are excellently suited for the demanding environments of food processing and restaurants. Not only can they be comfortably exposed to the toughest cleaning regimes using high-pressure water, high temperatures and strong chemicals, but they can also stand up to intensive usage while resisting failures caused by clogging from food debris and leaving no space for bacteria to penetrate.

The secret behind Everswitch’s indestructibility is specially developed encapsulation technology that hermetically seals the switch’s electronic module from the front and back. This double protection makes the switch impervious to penetration by anything – water, food liquids, contaminants, steam, chemicals – you name it. The result: more hygienic and long-lasting controls.

Solid-state piezo switches extend the lifespan of the food processor, overcoming failure points of mechanical buttons

Why it Works

  • Momentary dry contact one push Piezo switch, with illuminated ring
  • Patented encapsulation technology hermetically seals the electronics, making switches impervious to water, intensive sterilization from hot water, chemicals and detergents
  • Switches conform to IP68 and operate smoothly from -40 to +75ºC
  • Unique design with no moving parts eliminates switch failure due to intensive use, food liquids and sediments
  • Rugged metal knock-proof housing withstands dings and bumps from tools and equipment in the food processing environment
  • From design concept to integration at the manufacturing stage, the Everswitch engineering and product team team was at hand to support ABM’s product life cycle needs at every stage
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