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At Istobal, we pride ourselves on designing added-value car wash machines that combine cutting-edge technology, great functionality and beautiful aesthetics.
The Everswitch team were very tuned into our needs from day one, and able to deliver on all these levels, with an extremely reliable switch that we can place and forget, confident it will just keep working whatever we throw at it!


They were also able to customize colors and lighting to meet our very specific aesthetic and user experience requirements. The fact they’ve become a standard in many of our lines is proof they deliver excellently on their promise.



For Istobal, a market leader in the design and manufacture of state-of-the-art car wash and car care solutions, self-service kiosks play a vital role at the front end of the car wash systems. On the one hand, the switch solution needed to be able to stand up to intensive usage of hundreds of drive-throughs per day, and offer trouble-free reliability in extreme weather conditions, while of course being resistant to water and heavy chemicals used in the cleaning process. For its non-attended car wash installations, the switch solution needed to be vandal proof as well.

Everswitch’s Solution

Everswitch’s rugged piezo touch metal switches were a perfect fit for Istobal’s usage needs and design sensibilities, balancing function and form with pure indestructibility. Thanks to hermetically sealed housings, Everswitch switches comfortably withstand whatever the car wash environment throws at them: water, heavy chemicals, detergents, salts, heat, ice and the occasional act of vandalism. From day one, Everswitch’s engineering team was involved in creating customized solutions, including an extra bright LED dot capable of providing optimal visibility even in strong sunlight.



With around 70,000 switches already fitted in Istobal car washes worldwide, Everswitch was asked by the Istobal product team to create a black switch that would blend in perfectly with its overall black equipment and would not fade or discolor in the sun. Using a robust anodizing process, Everswitch created an anodized piezo switch that looks great and has stood the test of time.

Our switches easily withstand whatever the car wash environment throws at them

Why it Works

  • ​Momentary dry contact one push piezo switch, with customized ultra-bright LED dot
  • ​Patented encapsulation technology hermetically seals the electronics, making switches impervious to the water and chemical environment
  • ​Switches conform to IP68 and operate smoothly 
from -40 to +85ºC
  • ​Unique design with no moving parts eliminates switch failure due to intensive use, motion, friction, dirt, moisture, ice and vandalism
  • ​Rugged metal vandalism-proof housing
  • Everswitch provides full R&D and engineering support, from design concept to manufacturing, optimizing costs and TTM, and delivering fully customized solutions that respond to Istobal’s evolving needs
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