Custom build your own product from the Everswitch catalog

Everswitch ring illuminated touch metal piezo switches add visual flair that literally light up any human machine interface. But don’t let beauty blind you.

Made from ultra-ruggedized stainless steel or aluminum housings and with no moving parts, Everswitch ring illuminated switches are designed to deliver unparalleled reliability over millions of activations.

Complete the experience by choosing from a wide range of switch functions to provide your users the benefit of eye-catching aesthetics and great functionality in one durable package.

What’s under the hood?

Key Specifications

  • 12 or 24V LEDs standard (3.3V and 5V available)
  • Red, Green, Amber, Blue, White or Bi-Color Red/Green or Tri-Color R-B-G LEDs
  • Aviation Grade Aluminum or Stainless Steel 303 (304, 316 optional)
  • Tactile versions with center movement optional
  • Momentary, N.O. standard (N.C., Prolonged, Haptic, Toggle, Continuous optional)
  • 30 cm Cable standard (longer length, connectors, pins or terminal block optional)
  • Glass and Plastic versions available as well

Electrical Diagram – RGB

Which Ring Illuminated touch metal piezo switch is right for you?

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