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Non Illuminated Touch Metal Piezo Switches


19 mm, Recessed

piezo metal switch sbs2
piezo metal switch sbs1
piezo metal switch sbs1
Switch Function
N.O. Momentary (N.C. optional) Prolonged, Toggle (On/Off), Continuous as well as Programmable, Timer, Slide, Self Diagnostic, and WiFi Enabled optional
Switch Voltage
0-24 АС/DC
Switch Current
0.2 A standard (up to 1 Amp optional)
Rated Breaking Capacity
Power Dissipation < 5 Watt
Оperating Cycles
> 50,000,000
Switch Resistance OFF
> 20M Ohm
Switch Resistance ON
< 5 Ohm
Switch Capacitance
10 pF
Switch On Duration
Up to 20 sec
Contact Configuration
Free Polarity
piezo metal switch sbs2

SBS2 is a fully customizable non-illuminated touch metal piezo switch, developed to provide optimal performance for users in the toughest conditions. There are no moving mechanical components in the product, and it is fully shock- and waterproof, meeting IP68 K / IP69 K. These parameters allow the SBS2 touch metal piezo switch to be used in different applications, including outdoor, defence, marine, and more.

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