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Everswitch are famous for creating switching solutions for the world’s most demanding user environments. Our mission is to help global manufacturers create commercially successful products that deliver exceptional user experiences and value.
We do this by offering customers a combination of innovative piezo technologies, 360-degree customizability and dedicated engineering support every step of the way.

We help manufacturers win in competitive markets

Everswitch in Numbers

to introduce commercially viable piezo switching technology
30 years
leadership in piezo solutions & applications
500 M
modules deployed worldwide
of revenue from customized solutions
2 global sites
in Israel and US
129,000 sq ft
production facilities

Great user experiences are no longer the cherry on top of a well-made product. They are a business value-driver,  creating competitive differentiation, boosting brand loyalty and directly impacting your bottom line.
That’s why at Everswitch, we are obsessive about creating switches that enhance your customers’ experience on every level.

Welcome to the era of experience

When we create switches and keypads, we imagine the people who’ll be using them

Won’t let me down under pressure

It’s so intuitive and easy to operate

Love the way it looks

So easy to maintain

It’s virtually indestructible

Explore real world solutions

Our Philosophy: Form & Function

Form & Function is at the heart of our company’s ethos. We believe that choosing between aesthetics and usability is not a choice you should ever have to make. Which is why with Everswitch, you will never have to trade practicality for appearance. In our products, as in yours, these elements will work beautifully together.
Your customers will experience this philosophy from the first glance to the first interaction with our touch metal piezo switches and keypads.

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From the choice of innovative materials and type of illumination to haptics and connectivity, Everswitch provides visionary product designers an almost endless range of options with which to bring products to life. With so many ways to express your creativity, we hope you’ll love designing your products as much as your customers will love using them.

Set your imagination free
Discover our product configurator

By locating R&D and manufacturing in one site, we prevent failures and redesigns down the line

All capabilities under one roof for optimal results

In today’s high stakes product development, seeing the big picture is key. By locating R&D, manufacturing, QA, engineering and assembly all in one site, Everswitch is well positioned to provide responsive and timely solutions and support at every stage of the development process, ensuring smooth integration of design and manufacturing that prevents failure and redesigns.

Piezo switches designed by engineers for engineers

Relax, your language is spoken here. Beyond world class piezo switches, you can also expect on-going support from our in-house team of experienced electronics engineers always willing to roll up their sleeves and help you solve your product engineering challenges.

Switch technologies that respond to your evolving needs

Take user experience to the next level with Everswitch’s innovative switch technologies. From unique piezo touch metal switches designed to withstand water and weather, IOT-ready switches for today’s smart home users, and touch-free infrared switches that protect people in a global pandemic, we create switching technologies for an ever-changing world.