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Everswitch research, development and engineering teams have been at the forefront of human machine interface (HMI) system technology development for nearly three decades. Applying our extensive knowledge and expertise to your ever-evolving product needs and requirements, we offer a range of software and hardware technologies that enhances user experience and drives commercial success. The first company to introduce commercially viable piezo switching technology, Everswitch continues to set the standard for innovation in advanced switching and control solutions for the world’s toughest environments.

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Everswitch piezo technology

Our piezo switches use the piezoelectric effect


Let’s start with the basics. Most Everswitch switches and keypads harness the piezoelectric effect. This is the property exhibited by certain crystals that generate voltage when subjected to pressure. Piezoelectric switches do not require an external source of power and have very different advantages over capacitive or membrane switches.

Unique versatile piezo module


Everswitch piezo switches are different in several important ways to other piezo switches. They feature our “VPM” (Versatile Piezo Module) – a single mechanical structure containing all necessary switch components.

Our Versatile Piezo Modules are press-fit into a solid metal housing, so that when pressed, the piezoelectric crystal material produces a corresponding change in voltage, which passes through a conductive connecting material to a circuit board mimicking a dry-contact switch closure. In addition, our unique modular approach eliminates the need for a solder connection to the delicate piezo ceramic and creates a robust 125 msec minimum switch closure, which is a significant improvement over market standards of just 20 msec.

Piezo Vs. Other Switching Technologies

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Everswitch touch metal piezo switches feature unique encapsulation technology based on our VPM module

Smart functionality, giving users greater control

Everswitch HMI systems and control solutions feature built-in software and proprietary algorithms that expand operability and user functionality. Our smart technologies enable an array of functions beyond a simple momentary switch closure – prolonged, toggle, continuous, programmable and slide switch functions. They also provide self-diagnostic reporting capability and switching of line voltages, putting more control in your hands and those of your users.

Built-in Software highlights

Full logic within piezo module, no need for external components
Real-time compensation for temperature & frequency interferences
Self-diagnostic and self-testing capabilities
Full control over touch sensitivity
Extremely accurate control over touch areas

Everswitch touch metal piezo switches can be activated millions of times more than non-piezo switches

IoT ready technologies for connected experiences

Connected devices open up a new level of dialogue and relationship to living and working environments. By providing a full range of connectivity solutions, from Bluetooth to WiFi, Everswitch IoT-enabled switches offer a future of connecting anything, anywhere and anytime – while supporting a new level of data-driven user interactions.

Built-in Connectivity Technologies

Connect to cloud location, store information and statistics on usage, power consumption etc
Connect and integrate with any building automation system and/or home automation system
Remote or central control from any location
Remote monitoring of switch activation (on / off)
Each switch acts as an independent node and can connect to another device and transmit a signal on a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi network

Touch-Free Infrared Technologies

Everswitch’s response to the global COVID-19 pandemic is a 100% hygienic touchless switching solution, employing proprietary infrared technology. By combining the benefits of a motion-activated solution with the functionality of a fully programmable, customizable and easy-to-retrofit switch, Everswitch’s touch-free, infrared technology detects objects such as a finger or a hand at a distance of approximately 5 cm. It enables non-touch actuation for a wide variety of devices used in different public and commercial environments – from public transport through healthcare institutions to retail stores, and more.

Everswitch touch-free switches reduce the risk of surface virus transmission by 100%

Our touch-free solutions fit a wide range of applications and environments

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