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At Everswitch you’ll receive attentive support from an experienced team of electronic and mechanical engineers who speak your language and can translate your engineering needs, however specific, into workable solutions. For small or big challenges, our engineers are on hand to help you achieve exactly what you’re looking for. We believe this special ingredient can help you win faster in a competitive global marketplace.

You’re in good hands

From the moment you engage with Everswitch until sign-off, our in-house team of engineers will offer careful consideration of your product requirements up front to reduce or eliminate delays and redesign costs down the line, help you solve product engineering challenges, and ensure a fully-customized solution down to the tiniest details. It’s our way of helping you get your product to market faster, in the most cost-effective and resource efficient manner.

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The Everswitch team was very good at understanding our specific requirements and customizing a self-testing solution that integrated seamlessly with our systems.

MT Maitrise Technologique

The Everswitch team were very tuned into our needs from day one and able to deliver on all these levels, such as customizing colors and lighting to meet our very specific aesthetic and user experience requirements.


Whether it was functional or dimensional changes, pricing co-operation, through thick and thin Everswitch has been one of our most trusted suppliers.


Beyond delivering the product excellence we demand, given the fact we’re ordering just a few hundred switches per year – compared to thousands ordered by their typical clients – we still receive VIP customer service, which makes a big difference.

UW Light Dudes

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Car Washes

Water and chemical-proof piezo switches enable Istobal to deliver reliable car wash experiences to customers – everyday, anywhere.

Food processors

Fully encapsulated piezo switches provide 100% sanitary solution for messy food & catering environments.

Emergency call boxes

Remote self-diagnostic switches reduce on-site maintenance costs and improve road user safety.

Gas & fuel dispensers

Gas flows safely with explosion-proof keypads.

Pedestrian crosswalk boxes

Safe road crossing with buttons that pass the “baseball bat” test.

Underwater diving equipment

One-touch multi-function piezo switches are a game-changer for underwater photographers.

Prison facility monitoring

Staff and inmates are more secure with ultra-rugged switches and keypads.

Premium kitchen appliances

Luxury control panels reinvented with a perfect balance of form & function.